World's Worst Blogger

It's late and I'm tired, but I am going to get this posted before I go to bed....I'm determined! Why is it so hard for me to blog? I cannot answer that. I'm not THAT busy. Okay so this post officially brings us all the way up to March. I did not include March because I want to try to post Tate's 2nd birthday party pics separately (that means they will probably finally get posted a year from now ;) ). You get one single shot from each month with the exception of September and January '08 because nothing particularly cool happened in those months :).

Had foot surgery in June
Pins and all....not fun but I'm glad I did it!

Tate has official first Sonic drink in July

In Port Aransas with a FABULOUS group of friends in August
(looking forward to Port A '10)

**September wasn't all that exciting ;)**

Tate was a Hamburger in October for Halloween

Tate's first hair cut in November
(he did so good, didn't even cry--he loved the spaceship he sat in)

Watching for Santa Clause to come down the chimney in December

**Nothing notable in January :)**

First time to actually play in the snow in February
(Tate is funny--he doesn't tolerate really cold or really windy days. He gets upset and wants to go inside. So we made it for maybe like 15 minutes in the snowy weather)

And that's that! I have filled you in on everything from June '08 to February '10. I hope that in the next few days or so I can post some other things because we've had a lot going on lately. I'm not making promises though!

World's Worst Blogger


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

OH world's worst blogger, youve been missed! :)
LOVED all the pictures and looking forward to Port A!

sharon said...

that hamburger is too much! so cute. :)