Fond Memories of May

Memorial Day at the Beal's house.

so very patriotic!

Lots of swimming at Pops' and Gigi's house.

A fun family trip to Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay Resort! Much needed relaxation, more swimming, and way too much put put golf.

Dad, which one is my ball?


Some Current Events

This post is going to be HUGE, so get ready!

Toward the end of October we were southbound on 35, headed for Waco! A group of us took our kiddos to visit Baylor for the homecoming parade and football game. Tate LOVED the parade. He yelled "hosh" at the horses as they went by! Despite the fact that we got absolutely creamed by OSU (no surprise here), we enjoyed the game. Tate cheered on the Bears with Brookelynn's pom pom while she fed him animal crackers! Pretty cute stuff :)

Baylor Homecoming Parade and Game

This next slideshow is from our visit to the Arboretum. Mom, Tate, and I headed out to see the pumpkins and all the pretty fall flowers! Wow, sometimes I miss the days when Tate was not quite so mobile. He just wants to go go go which makes it kinda hard to get really good shots of him, but we did the best we could!

Fall at the Arboretum

Jonas and I have talked for a while about getting a small, non-shedding(or close to it), inside dog. I looked around for a long time and finally decided on a West Highland White Terrier. We found Rosie in Arkansas. She was born on Aug. 15 and we met the breeders in Texarkana on Oct. 17 to pick her up!! She is very spunky, but very laid back at the same time if that's possible. Rosie has been great for Tate! We are learning how to respect animals. There are still numerous time outs each day for various pet-related violations such as kicking, hitting, or pulling fur, but I know Tate will get the hang of it eventually ;)

Rosie, our newest little addition

AND NOW.....

This holiday is close to our heart because as you all know, Jonas and I love scary movies. We love all the classic horror flicks that come on t.v. during the month of October! The decorations, the candles, the pumpkin carving, and the gorgeous fall days are what help October top our list of favorite months of the year.

Halloween was so much fun this year simply because Tate can walk now! We had some great friends over to trick or treat and cook out. And, of course, much needed grown-up time after the kiddos went to bed!! Yes, Tate was a hamburger. Isn't he the cutest?!
.....what better to top off a hamburger than with a yummy strawberry? Miss Macie was a precious strawberry for halloween. Don't they just make your mouth water? ;)

Trick or treat?!

Bedtime! Macie and Tate got comfy in their p.j.'s.

Had to throw this in there. Shout out to Billy and Katie for their great costumes!

I'll pick back up with the months May through September and hopefully fill in the blanks I've left!!