Starting from where we left off.....March '09

Tate turned one on, March 27th, and we had his first birthday on the 28th! It was an emotional day full of drama, no doubt. That morning while I was making last minute preparations, Tate lost his grip on a chair he was holding on to and fell flat on his forehead! He was not quite walking yet, but was very good at pulling up on everything, and just totally lost his balance. The left side of his forehead immediately got huge and turned sooo blue! Being the paranoid new mother that I was (still am), I rushed him to the ER just to be sure everything was okay and of course it was, but Tate was extremely drained of most energy for his party. And I was a basket case because I just felt horrible that it happened!! The party was very fun, but I think we are definitely looking forward to #2 and praying for no injuries ;)

Tate's radio flyer themed 1st birthay