April Highlights

We had lots of fun in April. The bluebonnets were out and gorgeous! This month also marked Tate's second Easter, and this year he actually got to hunt Easter eggs!

Checking out the bluebonnets. There were so many bees flying around. I was nervous Tate would get stung, but we made it without any catasrophes!

Easter at the ranch.

Tate all dressed up for Easter Sunday. Cutie patootie ;)


Tate's Progression... Pulling up, Crawling, Walking

Just a post to show Tate's development all the way to walking!

1. Started pulling up around December '08, but first able to get it on video in January.

2. Crawling in February.

3. Walking like a champ by April (at 13 mos.).

Still playing catch up so check back and hopefully I can bring us up to now!


Starting from where we left off.....March '09

Tate turned one on, March 27th, and we had his first birthday on the 28th! It was an emotional day full of drama, no doubt. That morning while I was making last minute preparations, Tate lost his grip on a chair he was holding on to and fell flat on his forehead! He was not quite walking yet, but was very good at pulling up on everything, and just totally lost his balance. The left side of his forehead immediately got huge and turned sooo blue! Being the paranoid new mother that I was (still am), I rushed him to the ER just to be sure everything was okay and of course it was, but Tate was extremely drained of most energy for his party. And I was a basket case because I just felt horrible that it happened!! The party was very fun, but I think we are definitely looking forward to #2 and praying for no injuries ;)

Tate's radio flyer themed 1st birthay


Our last session :(

We had our last session with our photographer back in April right after Tate turned one. He was not quite walking yet in these pictures. Downtown Denton was quite a drive, but I think they turned out really cute!
Tate at 12 1/2 months.


Okay, okay....

So I'm a mediocre blogger at best! I have no idea why it has been so long, but I really want to try to get back to it and catch everyone up on everything from.....ummmm.......FEBRUARY! Yes, my last post was in February. AND YES, I'm embarassed! So much has happened since I last posted. We have had our first crawl, first birthday, first HUGE goose egg(with a trip to the hospital), first steps, first words, first sonic drink.......SO MANY FIRSTS!! I am going to do my very best to summarize the last 8 months in the next few days, so by all means do check back. ;)