My Fun V-day!

I felt very loved on Valentine's Day.  Tate had 6 pink roses delivered to the door with a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom!  I love you, Tate".  How thoughtful was that!?  And of course I got him a little something....a new stuffed puppy and a shiny heart box that he really enjoyed playing with (I mainly got it so that I could eat all of the chocolates ; ) ) 

Then Tate went to stay with his Pops and Gigi so that Jonas and I could go do our V-day dinner and movie!  Now I'm a little embarrassed to say what we went to see, but any of you who know us know that we share a common interest in SCARY movies.  So what did we go see, you ask?? None other than the re-make of "Friday the 13th" at the Studio Movie Grill ; )

It was a very good re-make of the original!  I think I almost jumped out of my seat a couple of times, so it didn't disappoint : )  Jonas and I really thought we would have the theatre to ourselves because honestly, it's kind of weird to go see a horror flick on Valentine's Day (not very romantic--it's our thing though), but surprisingly the theatre was packed!  Lots of screaming....very exciting!! All in all a very fun night!  
Hope you all had a very sweet Valentine's Day!


Kelly said...

love that you saw friday the 13th on valentine's day. that's too funny! :)

The Graves Fam said...

so fun and sweet..well, and scary! glad you had a great day. My blog is done! Yippee! It looks so good.

Lindsey said...

tate was so sweet to send him mommy pretty flowers for Valentine's day!!

Rachel and Zack said...

I knew you would go see that movie. As soon as I saw the advertisements, I thought of you! Glad you got to see it. I love your sweet Valentine from Tate! He will be melting girls' hearts someday.