More Tate Talk

Tate said his first word on Wednesday!  It was precious.  He just blurted it out and was so proud of himself!  And he loved how crazy I went when he said it. Can you tell what he's saying?  I'll give you a hint.....it's not "gog" anymore ; )


Yep, it's DOG!  He was watching Jake play with the next door neighbor's dog and he just yelled it out all of a sudden.  I didn't think he would do it again when I got out my flip video, but he did!  He repeated it quite a bit for me.  
Tate definitely says Dada, but he's not intentional with it quite yet.  And I'm still waiting on Mama.  I hope that one comes soon!!  Guess we'll just have to wait and see.


My Fun V-day!

I felt very loved on Valentine's Day.  Tate had 6 pink roses delivered to the door with a card that said, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom!  I love you, Tate".  How thoughtful was that!?  And of course I got him a little something....a new stuffed puppy and a shiny heart box that he really enjoyed playing with (I mainly got it so that I could eat all of the chocolates ; ) ) 

Then Tate went to stay with his Pops and Gigi so that Jonas and I could go do our V-day dinner and movie!  Now I'm a little embarrassed to say what we went to see, but any of you who know us know that we share a common interest in SCARY movies.  So what did we go see, you ask?? None other than the re-make of "Friday the 13th" at the Studio Movie Grill ; )

It was a very good re-make of the original!  I think I almost jumped out of my seat a couple of times, so it didn't disappoint : )  Jonas and I really thought we would have the theatre to ourselves because honestly, it's kind of weird to go see a horror flick on Valentine's Day (not very romantic--it's our thing though), but surprisingly the theatre was packed!  Lots of screaming....very exciting!! All in all a very fun night!  
Hope you all had a very sweet Valentine's Day!


In the Spirit of Valentine's Day!

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to let Tate tell everyone a few of the things he loves now that he is just 2 weeks shy of becoming a big time 11 month old!

Hi!  I'm Tate, and here are 11 things I L-O-V-E....

As of January 10th, my momma turned my carseat around and she lets me face forward.  I LOVE to look at the big trucks as they go by!  
I also LOVE to ride my rocking puppy in my room!

I LOVE to look out the window to the back yard and watch Jake (my chocolate lab) run back and forth. AND I'm starting to try to say dog on my own (I say "gog")!  My momma thinks it's very smart!!

Sleeping is something I have perfected over the last several months.  I sleep 12 hours every night, and I LOVE to always sleep with my right hand behind my head and my left tucked under my bottom!  
I have also started to pull up (started at about 9 1/2 mos)  on everything.  My mom and dad finally had to lower my crib because I LOVE to pull myself up and look down at all of my toys!

Yea for bathtime!  I have been taking baths in my blow up tub since I was 7 mos old and started sitting up on my own.  I LOVE to splash and play with my blue hippo!

Since I started pulling up, I am no longer happy sitting still.  I LOVE to stand up at my activity table or just hang on to whatever is in my immediate reach.

I think I am a pretty cute guy, so I LOVE to look at my big, bright, blue eyes in the mirror!  
EATING!  I LOVE eating!  And since I have 5, going on 6 teeth, I do not have to eat very much jarred food anymore!!  Some table foods that I enjoy are my yobaby yogurt, cheerios, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes, string cheese, bananas, blueberries, carrots, ravioli, chicken, turkey, and one of my absolute favorites....PICKLES!


I LOVE my momma and....

I LOVE my daddy!


I Heart Weirs!

Most of you know that Jonas and I moved into a new house last March. Yes....the same month I gave birth to Tate.  Needless to say, we have had a lot on our plate the past year!  So our home has kind of been neglected due to a couple of things:
1. I had a baby (need I say more)
2. Hello!  Building a house makes a pretty nice little dent in ones pocket book!!

Now I am ready to start really concentrating on new furniture, wall decor, etc., etc.(as finances permit, of course)  The house is furnished for the most part, but I can't help wishing I could just hire a decorator and, POOF!, we're on the cover of Southern Living!  But for now I'm on my own and I'll do the best I can(definitely not the most savvy interior decorator).  So for Christmas I told Jonas I wanted some bar stools for the bar off of the kitchen.  Where did we go you ask? WEIR'S!  I l-o-v-e Weir's.  I think they have beautiful, well-made furniture for great prices. The bar stools finally came in last week!  We had to order them because they didn't have the bar height stools in stock.  One more thing to check off my list!

My country french bar stools!