A Future Daughter-in-Law?

At the beginning of the month I took Tate to see another one of his little girlfriends, Macie. She was born at the end of December so Tate looked like a GIANT when we put them next to eachother!  I'm pretty sure he thought Macie was really cute!!  

Okay so pipe dream....Macie's parents, Zack and Rachel are probably our closest friends, and we talk all the time about how Tate and Macie need to get married when they grow up!  Time will tell I guess.  No matter what happens we know they are going to be best buds!!

**FYI: I finally figured out how to make all of my pictures "clickable"!  So feel free to click any of the pictures from here on out and you can view them larger.** 

I'm pretty sure that Tate wanted to give Macie a head massage!

Looking forward to some fun play dates!


A Shout Out

My love affair with the Twilight series has sadly come to an end.  I have finally finished reading all of the books.  There is very little enthusiasm in my tone because I don't want it to be over.  I had never heard of the books until I started seeing previews for the movie on t.v.  So after Christmas Jonas and I went to see it, and I really liked the movie!  I immediately went and bought all the books in the series and even though I had already seen Twilight in the theatre, I went ahead and read it anyway just so I could say I started from the very beginning.
I absolutely loved reading each book even more than I enjoyed Twilight in the theatre!!  If I had to pick a favorite it would absolutely have to be Breaking Dawn.  I will not proceed to list all the reasons why for those of you who have not finished reading it yet.  Don't want to spoil the book for you!
I am excited that they are making the next movie in the series!!  New Moon was probably my least favorite book, but still definitely a good read.  I can't wait to see it when it comes out in November!!   


Sweet Friends

Tate doesn't know how good he has it. He is one of 2 boys out of our group of friends to be born so far. Jaxson was just born this month so Tate is still on his own for a little while at least. I keep telling him he needs to enjoy being surrounded by all of these cute girls while he can!! Pretty soon he is going to have some competition!! Here are some pictures of just 2 of Tate's little girlfriends. Brookelynn is on the left and Brynn is on the right. Now I promise that we did not teach Tate that first little trick that he is trying in the first pic......he just figured that out all on his own! Do you think we should be worried?? =-) We really enjoyed getting together with our sweet friends and look forward to many more get togethers!

No, no Tate!
Let's hold hands!

Too much too soon!

Brynn was definitely curious about Tate, Brookelynn just played it cool, and I think Tate was just a little overwhelmed by all the attention! Such pretty little girls! AND one cute little guy if I do say so myself!!


New Year's Eve Surprise

**WARNING- I am having technical difficulties with my blog so please excuse the appearance!

It was 7:45 on New Year's Eve morning when my cell phone rang.  I was in bed nursing Tate and just decided to let it ring because I thought is was probably Jonas letting me know that he was finishing up with his morning of hunting.  When I finished feeding Tate I looked at my phone and saw that it was Rachel!  I immediately knew what the call was about and called her back. Sure enough Rachel's water broke earlier that morning and she was in labor!!!  Macie came at 2:30 that afternoon.  What a wonderful New Year's Eve surprise!  

A very special New Year's Eve with our dear friends and their new baby girl


Strike a Pose!

I am really late posting this slide show, but then again I am really late posting anything period. This is our 2nd session with our wonderful photographer Julie!  She does such a great job. Thanks Julie!  Tate is 7 1/2 months in these pictures.  We had such a time trying to get our stubborn little guy to smile.  He is so discerning.  Tate very carefully chooses who deserves to witness his precious smile.  It is amazing to look back at our first photo session and see how much he has changed from 2 weeks old to this session!

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So many great memories from this Christmas!  Tate opened all of his presents (with a little help from us) and loved playing in all of the wrapping paper.  He wanted to ride around in his radio flyer wagon that Santa brought him all day!  He got lots of fun gifts from his Pops and Gigi and Aunt Hayley too!!  And the countdown begins to Christmas '09!

Until next Christmas......


Twas the night before Christmas....

Of course, as is tradition, we read The Night Before Christmas by the fire right before bedtime and I think Tate really enjoyed it.  Tate even set out cookies and milk for Santa before he went to bed!  Then after he was fast asleep Jonas and I had fun setting out all the gifts.  It's amazing how exciting Christmas becomes again when you have a little one.....so special to see it through their eyes! 


Christmas was so much fun this year with Tate around.  Although he wasn't really aware of what was going on, he still enjoyed himself.  The christmas tree was a huge hit!  Tate loved to touch the lights.  He could sit and look at it forever!  So sweet.  I cannot wait until next year when he really knows who santa claus is!!

Enjoying the Christmas tree

Helping Dad put up the christmas lights

After Thanksgiving we headed out to the ranch to ride the John Deere tractor and see what the donkeys were up to.  Tate loved being up on Pops' tractor.  It was so high up!!  We also got to feed the donkeys, but they kept trying to eat Tate's little fingers right up, so we did not try that for too long.  Tate is definitely going to be a little outdoors man, and I know his daddy is super pumped about that!!

Quick recap!!

Let's start from where I left off which was like 2 months ago.  That's rediculous!!  I have got to make a greater effort to keep up with my blog!  So here comes a bunch of catching up...

Tate's first Thanksgiving was..... a blurr.  He was very overwhelmed by the mass of family that loved on him most of the day.  When I say overwhelmed I mean he cried, HARD, for about the first 10 minutes!  Then he relaxed and we really did have a great time!