Good Times!

Well the shower was a success! Big thank you's to those of you who helped because I could not have done it alone. The diaper cake was super cute! I was worried about ordering that over the internet, but it turned out to be perfect. And oh how I love any excuse to order Sprinkles cupcakes! My mom and I got Rachel this adorable Pig chair to match her chocolate/pink nursery colors, and I think it is going to be so fun to see Macie climb all over it one of these days. Rachel just looked so cute, and she seemed to have a wonderful time! Now all we have to do is wait.....Macie is on her way!!!

November 15, 2008

Flashback to March 2008

I am 36 weeks pregnant (Tate came 3 weeks after this) at this shower that Rachel and another friend threw for me. Hard to believe our bodies can do that and go back to normal!

Flashback to last Saturday

Rachel is 32 weeks pregnant in this picture that we took at her shower. Hopefully our next pregnancies will be together. That way we can take a picture while we BOTH have big tummies!


Tate Talk!

Tate is really beginning to figure out how to make sounds. He started saying BaBa over and over for the first time at the end of October (he was about 7mos)!! I tried and tried to catch him on my flip video, but every time he saw me holding up the camera he stopped. Little stinker =). Yesterday I finally got him on tape. It is pretty cute (at least I think so)! Please excuse my ridiculous laughing, but it is so funny when he really gets going! Enjoy!

The Shower Planner

I am super excited because this Saturday I am throwing a baby shower for my closest friend, Rachel! She is having a little girl, Macie Nicole! Rachel's nursery is chocolate and pink, so I decided to use those colors. It has been so much fun planning this shower because I am loving making everything super girly. Don't get a lot of that around my house since I am surrounded by guys! Love my boys though (shout out to Jonas and Tate) =)!
I think Rachel is really going to enjoy her shower. Doesn't it make the impending birth of your child so much more real when you finally get all of the gear you will actually be using to care for them?! So exciting!

Rachel's shower invitations turned out to be really pretty!


Fun with Family!

Jonas' Mom and Grandparents came into town last weekend, so we got together with the family at Campisi's. Love Campisi's...yum! We had a wonderful time and Tate did an excellent job in his high chair for the first time at a restaurant!! It was a pretty fussy evening though, because Tate is teething and I think his little gums were really bothering him. I tried to distract him with puffs, but even that did not help too much. We enjoyed ourselves nonetheless and it was great to see everyone! Please excuse the pictures as I did not bring my "good" camera. =)

So grown-up in a "big boy" chair!

With G-bugs & with the whole family.


Our little SWEET PEA!

We had such a fun Halloween! It was Tate's first, so this was a BIG one! My mom came over for the festivities. We began with the carving of the pumpkin! I leave that part to Jonas because he is the creative one. Tate loved watching his Daddy's master carving abilities. He was mesmerized by the gigantic orange sphere!! After grilling some hot dogs and feeding Tate his gourmet rice cereal (yuck), we got him into his costume. A little SWEET PEA! It was the cutest thing. I just wanted to eat him up! Sadly though, Tate tuckered out pretty quickly, and wanted out of his too cute costume. Oh well, a good 5 minutes of wear time for a $20 costume. That's worth it, right? =) Then it was off to bed. Tate didn't make a sound when I put him down. He didn't even wake up when the trick-or-treaters rang the doorbell! Poor little guy. We wore him out! Needless to say, we had a very happy Halloween. Much more special than any other Halloween because we got to enjoy it with our little SWEET PEA!!